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How Long Does SEO Take?

We can rank some websites in 30 days and others may take 6 months it all depends on how competitive your industry is. When you call in for your free consultation we tell you up-front how long we think it will tank to get your website ranked. In most cases it takes about 60 days to get your website in the top 50 websites in the search results and then another 30 days to climb to page one. Every website is different so give us a call and let's come up with a plan.

How SEO Works - The Simplified Version

First, you need to understand that search engines are constantly changing and without some sort of consistent SEO promotion your website will fall back in rankings and your website traffic will disappear. Do the big companies like Google and Yahoo care? Nope. If you aren't paying them for ads in their search results they could care less about you or your business.

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So how does SEO work? To have your website considered for 1st page rankings your website must first be optimized for the keywords your customers use to find the products or services you offer. This is called 'on site optimization' and here's a brief list of items you need to look at:

Now once you have your website optimized you will need to begin building relevant backlinks pointing to your websites home page from other established websites. These backlinks can be viewed as votes for your website from other websites and the search engines begin to give you more weight in the search results. The more quality backlinks you get over time and in a natural looking way the higher your website should rank.

While this sounds rather simple it's actually very time consuming and involves a lot of work. Our job is to go out find companies who are willing to post a link to your website. Of course they don't post these links on their website for free so we also have to negotiate a fee that fits inside of your budget. In most cases we have to do this over and over with hundreds of different website owners before your website begins to climb in the ranks.

To most new website owners this is task is better outsourced to guys like us who have been doing this for years. Your time is better spent running your business which is what you're good at. Were good at SEO so let us handle your project and show you what we've got.